Facing The Tiger

Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work

Dr. John J. Scherer

A webinar series hosted by

You don't need to CHANGE yourself.

You need to COME HOME to yourself.

This changes EVERYTHING.

                 Dr. John J. Scherer


Episode 1: Why The Tiger?

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Previous episodes:

Episode 2: What does work mean to you?

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Episode 3: What is self-mastery?

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Episode 4: Polarity Thinking — What the World Needs Now!

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Episode 5: How well do your relationships work? with Dr Barry Johnson

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Episode 7: Your Life Script

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Episode 9: Unleash Your Power

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Episode 8: What happens on my 'Stage' and how can I edit the Script

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Go to episode 10

Episode 10: Purpose, Power and Peace

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